Looking for technique? Nichelle’s class will deliver that and more. Every class begins with an extensive warm-up including center barre and technique, combined with conditioning exercises. Her passion for teaching and inspiring people shines through in her class and work. Her choreography is influenced by her strong classical background of ballet, jazz, and lyrical, and incorporates the feeling and movement of today’s contemporary styles. Her theater dance class is full of energy. She brings a new twist to styles of classic to contemporary musicals. Her ballet classes respect the classical history of ballet while exploring the contemporary influences of today.  Nichelle is always challenging herself to grow as an artist, and trying new things. Thus her class is always fresh. 

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I am currently subbing at Edge PAC in Hollywood. Check there web sight for classes!

​Looking forward to the new season of Motiv8 Dance Convention starting in September!! Check out the website for more details. http://www.motiv8dance.com

I am now a certified teacher in Progressive Ballet Technique and will be teaching it at Encore Dance Center and Livart Dance Studio. 

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Nichelle's choreography crosses many styles of dance. From classical ballets to a show based on a 1920's horror silent film, she can do it all. Commercial to contemporary, and all that's between. Nichelle crosses boundaries and brings a challenge to her dancers that no one else can do. Her stylistic movement, and creativity, are backed up with a strong base of technique. 


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​Nichelle Bane